Honeycomb Center Peace


What is it?

The Honeycomb Center Peace is a permanent, all-season, circular tent-like structure modeled after the traditional Mongolian round house known as a yurt, or ger.

What is the purpose of the Honeycomb Center Peace?

We envision “edah” (ay-daw), a Hebrew word meaning an assemblage, a family, like a swarm of open minded imaginative persons in search of the new story: the divinely inspired, scientific story of the universe which has the spirit to help a technological civilization find its way.



What am I in for?

Your yurt experience is yours to tailor to your own needs. Take part in any or all of the following: locally grown hospitality, solitude, meals, massage, evening sharing sessions, Green Routes tours of environmentally conscious businesses and farms in the upper Minnesota River Watershed. Depending on the season, we welcome yurt visitors to take part in spring planting, summer gardening, fall harvesting, and winter feasting opportunities. Crowing roosters, cackling hens, friendly dogs and cats will greet you everywhere.


inside of yurt

When can I stay in the Honeycomb Center Peace yurt?

It’s open year round. Great for family, personal, and organizational retreats; workshops; special getaways; or just a chance to be still and receive rest, peace, clarity and nerve offered you by the pines. Capacity limit of four persons for overnight stay. The cost will be affordable and negotiable.


yurt through the trees

At present, the Honeycomb Center Peace stands open and waiting to receive. Just as the Queen Bee is received by and enters a “brood comb” to give birth to her swarm of worker bees, so does our yurt wait to receive and give birth to a community of planet-conscious bee-ings.


Let’s imagine for a moment that we are tiny enough

to follow a bee into a hive.

Usually the first thing that we would have

to get used to is the darkness … ”


Exploring the World of Social Insects